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Eileen was born in the beautiful town of Camberly, Surrey, England. At the age of 30, while serving as in the Women’s Royal Navy (WRN) in the British Navy, she met my father Arthur Bauman who was serving in the US navy in Italy as admiral Hewitt’s personal photographer during World War II. With His permission they were married in Naples Italy, and came back to Washington state where she shared her Toffee with friends and neighbors during the holidays.



Eileen’s English Toffee is created from an authentic family recipe, from Camberly, Surrey, England. What began as following in his mother’s footsteps by sharing her delicious authentic toffee to friends and family, has turned into a premiere toffee company in Richland, Michigan. Phillip and Lisa Bauman have been sharing their irresistible toffee all over the world.

In addition to their hand crafted toffee, they have expanded their product line to include decadent dark chocolate toffee brownies, and chewy and crunchy toffee cookies.

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Nestled in the quaint town of Richland, Michigan at 8814 Gull Road. Eileen’s English Toffee stands in its authenticity, irresistible flavor and “it doesn’t stick to your teeth!”



Our Toffee is the finest in the world! Made with pure cane sugar, butter, delicious almonds, and semi-sweet chocolate. It is Gluten free and please be warned it is addictively delicious.